Thursday, July 26, 2007


We shot our first day of a short film I'm directing called "Love At First Sight". Its about a cynical 19-year-old video store clerk who doesn't believe in love at sight, but ends up falling in love at first sight with a girl who rents his favorite movie. We are shooting three "movies" within the movie. These three movies will appear on screens in the video store at different times. The one we shot today is a called "ZOM-LEAH". Think "Predator" meets "Rambo" meets "The Evil Dead".
Our shoot was going great until a monsoon shut us down for about an hour and flash-flooded the dried creek bed we were shooting in. After the lighting, hail, and torrential rain stopped, we reworked the story a little to accomodate the waist-deep creek that now ran through our set and shot everything else we needed (hopefully)! Despite the rain, I think we all had a little too much fun shooting a spoof of the action films we grew up on in the 80's.
A friend of mine, Seth Worley, is one of our second unit directors. He did an incredible job directing Zom-Leah today. Thanks, Seth. And thank you Tyler Torti for a fantastically cheesy script!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the guy from Pulaski High Blanks? I saw those videos at M-Fuge, they were really good.

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